Integrating Asana with Slack


Who created the Slack integration with Asana? I’ve looked at both Asana’s and Slack’s information about this integration and I can’t figure out who the author is: Slack, Asana, or an independent developer.

I really want to know where to send feedback about this… well I really can’t imagine how anyone thought this was more than a proof-of-concept.

Asana Projects to Slack Integration

Bump and watching. I’m in the same boat. Having a bug where /asana list is replying with No tasks, even though there are tasks in Asana My Tasks.


Same problem. /asana list returns No Tasks. But there are tasks in asana!


Same here, asana /list has no tasks although I have plenty assigned.


The integration of Asana to Slack is great… but

Its too broad and the channel ends up full like an email inbox…

My suggestion would be to ability to create integrations at a Project Level and Team Level. So channels could specific to the activities of that project or task…

Additionally some more short code rules in Asana so for instance if a Team Conversation includes a reference to a project or task in a project… that comment is posted, or could be posted, to the project channel…

Also consider the channel setup and selection across workspaces…


Looks like the author of the Integration is Slack itself

you should reach out to them! :slight_smile:


@Chris_Ball2, thank you for your feedback! As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, our existing Slack integration was built by Slack, but we’re always open to feedback on how it can be improved.

I wanted to ensure that you saw there was an option to choose one or more Projects to receive notifications from during the set-up – while you can’t currently map Project > Channel, you don’t need to get the entire org’s notifications in a channel.

Thanks again for pinging us about this! We’re excited to get a better sense of what an ideal Slack <> Asana integration would look like.


@Sara For anyone who relies on project management software to get their work done, the Slack <—> Asana integration really isn’t useful without the ability to map projects to channels.


You all may be interested in giving your feedback directly to my colleague on our BizDev team! Feel free to provide lots of detail and engage in a dialogue.


I think for starters it would be helpful if the /asana list actually shows the tasks that are in Asana instead of the No Tasks return. It is really hard to test any functionality without an idea of what we could see in Slack.


I just read in another topic that this is on Slacks side so I’ll take it up with them.


Is there any update on whether the “No Tasks” issue has been addressed when you go to query /Asana list under a specific channel? Currently it works only on specific channels but not others, is there an explanation of why that is the case? Will we ever expect the Slack to Asana integration to function effectively where you can view tasks by Project? How about a feature where you can list all tasks by Assignee, Date Created, etc.? What would be really cool is if you could list all tasks by project, generate a CSV report from it, and then be able to export it into an Excel or other reporting spreadsheet file. Current functionality is still very limited with this integration, would be more helpful to my team if this was integrated with these features.