Integrating an outside organization into our workflow


So I am a PM for my companies creative team. We are adding in the agency that produces our emails on to our Asana and I have some questions…

We have one “Project” for our company. Within this “Project” each individual “Task” listed are our individual projects. We’d like to add members from this agency onto these individual task.

If doing so, will they have access to the whole project including all of our tasks? I want to make sure they can only see the task they’re assigned to. Please help!

Hey @Dan_Paco welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

As long as you only add them to tasks within a project and not to the project directly they will only have access to the task itself.

Just double check and go to the relevant project to the access settings :slight_smile:

Also here is a great guide on who sees whom:

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