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The number of Tasks displayed on the Insights @ Asana Admin area is the grand total number of Tasks (completed included) or is it just the uncompleted ones?

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That is a great question! The number of tasks displayed on the Insights corresponds to the grand total number of Tasks. You can learn more about the Admin Console in the following guide article:

I hope this helps Mateus! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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Hi @Natalia.

Thanks for the response.

Is there any place where I can see the open Tasks?

Even better if I could see all open tasks for a given Team.


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Not at the moment @Mateus_Ohs.

As it stands, you can see the total number of tasks created, completed and where comments were added over the last 7 days on the graph, but it is not possible to access the tasks from Insights.

I hope this helps!

Hi Natalia,

I’d like to second this. I am new to Asana and finding the lack of a true team Dashboard lacking. Simply - an area where I can see all a Team’s tasks across all projects, with some additional data like Custom Fields, since I use them to track Workflow Status (“to do,” “in progress” etc.).

If there is a request for this, could you direct me to it? I was going to post one but I’m sure I’m not the first to ask for this :slight_smile:

I had thought that the Insights area in the Admin would be a great place to add this - simply a way to expand in Insights and show a list of all current tasks. As I discussed with Marie here:

which would also be another way to get an “all team” view of tasks with Custom Fields included.