Inside private processes that customers will not see



I have a challenge between inside needs/processes around cuatomer’s task that I don’t want the customer will not be expose to them.

Background - We are using Asana as a project and tasks management. Our customers opens tasks / bugs with priorities from their side.
Our project manager assigns the task to the developer after he add more info and prioritize the task to the developer.

The problem - we want to add notes, messages and even assign the task or give it deadline without our customer will see that.
For example - customer X open task to add feature Y. The project manager will add some technical info about the feature, give it deadline to next week and assign this task to developer Z without the customer will not be expose to that.

I really appreciate if you have any idea how to do that.



A couple of thoughts options.

  1. A private project, with the customers not being members. That way they will only see tasks that are assigned to them. Two problems. If they can’t see the project they can’t create a ticket. Possible option is to always a template task assigned to them for use to create the ticket. Other problem robust internal process to ensure that the customer is removed from following the task so they don’t get updates until you are ready.
  2. Possibly the better option. Two projects, one that the customers log the tickets. The PM then moves that to the internal resolving project which the customers arent members of. Then when you are ready add the tasks back into the first project so they can see what you want them to see when you are ready.

I haven’t tried the above so it may not work… Hope it helps.



Actually we are doing option 2 today but its high maintenance and not efficient at all.

Thank you.


@Amit_Edelstein Yeah can see how it could be high maintenance. Not sure if some sort of Forms and Zapier process maybe able to take out some of the maintenance work. Apart from that I am not sure of a solution.



@Amit_Edelstein What if you had a single Project that contains all the scoping task from all clients, inviting the client to the scoping task only, not the Team or Project… Then have a single project for each client and multi-home the scoping task to the clients actual project. The client can communicate on the task and I believe create subtasks on his scoping task. The scoping task being multi-homed would also show up in the actual client project so your internal developers really never need to return to the mast client scoping project as all their work will be in the client project. May have to list all projects as Private, need to test.