Inline Images in Task descriptions

Images can describe details of task better than raw text. Currently when images are used, they’re inserted as attachments to a task. This makes it difficult to know what you’re referencing, more so when there are multiple images. “See attached Image” gets old real quick in Asana.

It would be great if we could embed an image right in with the text, like other project management tools, primarily with descriptions, but also comments.


Hi @Josh11, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! It’s currently possible to embed images in comments, you can find more details in this announcement: You can now embed attachments in your comments!

Since this feature is not available in Task descriptions, I’ve gone ahead and updated the title to make it more specific to that request!

I’m going to voice my support for this one.

I saw this request existed here: Inline image embedding in description and comments

But was merged into this one here: Attachments embedding while commenting - #21 by Matt_Healy

I’m disappointed that the first one was closed, because it includes the description, not just the comments, and embedding images in the description, as in this thread, is even more important: descriptions are generally longer, provide more context, and can’t be split up like comments. Having all the images at the bottom makes this a mess when a long description needs to reference different images at different points. Loads of “see attached” but often out of order and unclear.

Lately, this is the thing that has caused me the most headaches in Asana.


Adding images to the bottom of an comment is not the same as embedding images within a comment. The following is still not possible within task descriptions and comments:


In other online tools I can even copy/paste a complete e-mail with marked up rich text and images and the lay out of the e-mail remains intact including real inline images.


As with @Wouter_van_den_Brink , the ability to have the images pasted INLINE in the body of comments (and descriptions) would make life much, much easier when discussing changes or walking people through a process with screenshots without having to leave Asana for another tool, leave a trail of multiple comments, or use an attached word document that includes a walkthrough (yuck).


So I’ve just wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out how to embed (inline) a screenshot into a task description only to come across this and find that it is not even possible.

How on earth after all these years has this not been made possible…? :confused:

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I agree with you. I have followed this feature request and got really disappointed as well! It was not handled well - as if the comments were not read at all to consider before merging and closing!

In my company, I make SOPs for hundreds of processes and I can tell you that having images in text body for each step in Description is THE FEATURE to help other staff know what to do and get started right away, instead of wasting valuable trying to figure out the steps and corresponding images.

WE NEED THIS and it has been too long!!!

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+1 sooo much. Not being able to tell stories with inline images is my biggest grievance with Asana. It leads to overuse of comments (that get buried) where images can live alongside text, and pushes us to use other tools.


Yes, in the DESCRIPTION specifically.


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This is a very big deal for me. I’m evaluating Asana to use as our project management tool and the lack of this feature is killer for me. It will lead to a lot of inefficiency so I’m going to have to find a different product management tool.

If you fix that you have a new client.

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The ability to add inline images into the description of a ticket would enable me to streamline everything through Asana. Currently, I’m having to link out to Notion pages when writing tickets that require in-line images. Please consider :slight_smile:


Very problematic that this doesn’t exist, compile with the fact we can duplicate comment on recurent task (Using comment was our workaround, but was disapointed to realize it doesn’t appear when the task duplicate itself the day after.

Unless you have a solution I’m not aware of, I’ll have to do all of my description in images itself and it is really inconvenient, to the point I’m starting to think of another task management system. Can you guys put this in the roadmap? doesn’t sound really complicated to implement…

For now I’m block in my work toward explaining every aspect of the operation of the business in detail for new comers!

We can’t duplicate comment* Sorry I did a mistake and can’t edit my comment!
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