Initial impressions of Asana - Scant Reporting Options



I’m new to using Asana and while my initial impressions were good, upon starting a trial of the “premium” features, Asana is beginning to look less and less like what I need for project management.

What I like about Asana:

  • How quickly I can create projects and tasks
  • Clean interface
  • Ability to attach files to specific tasks
  • Due Date and Reminder functionality

What I dislike about Asana:

  • Lack of advanced reporting options.
    • Only 3 reports available to me
    • Inability to show comments/descriptions on reporting
    • No sub-sort options
    • No indent on sub-tasks makes for a poor presentation in reporting

Overall, my biggest issue is that Asana seems to be more about creating lists for people to check off rather than tracking progress. It’s great if all of your tasks are clear cut line items, but as soon as you need to provide more granular data in a report about delays or other variances, the software becomes much less useful.

Maybe I’m missing out on some key functions/settings that I haven’t come across in documentation, but for now this SAAS seems like a solid “no” from me.


@ewartick It would be a great addition to your post to make a list of reports that you think would be the minimum additions to have reporting good enough for your organizations. There are some odds and ends floating around in this regard. Once source is and the other is my gift to the community CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community

Neither are full solutions but mainly because there are fields that Asana has not added to the CSV file. If the CSV file export was complete there would be a high probability of a powerful report writer.