Inherit due date from parent task



Request: A task’s due date should be shown as the due date of the parent task, unless manually overridden.

Use Case: This is most useful for a repeating parent task. When a parent task repeats, its subtasks are recreated. If those subtasks were to have a due date or be repeating themselves, unwanted behavior would occur. The only way for the subtasks to have their due date updated would be to have it inherit from the repeating parent task.

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SubTasks should inherit all parent properties


Currently on creation of a SubTask it inherits no properties of its parents i.e Task, Project and Workspace. But I am not aware why Asana does this. It sure can’t be for flexibility, else it would be called a SubTask, instead it should be called an independent task.

But more importantly, when a subtask is added to a parent task which in turn belongs to a task, by nature it means, it is to inherit all its parents(workspace, project, parent task) behaviours, and also show in the dashboard as a respective tree. What is the reason for ASANA to deviate from this behaviour?

If the idea was to give a subtask for a task independent of all parent association it could simple a toggle button and left to the user to customize it accordingly. Besides a task inherits the parent behaviours of project and workspace, so why wouldn’t a subtask?