Informative task cards/icons for board views



Hi! I’m a relatively new user to Asana, but I’ve been really diving in deep. One thing which I miss (or perhaps just can’t find) is information about the contents of each task on the task card (in board view). By that I mean that there’s nothing that tells me if a card has an attachment, or how many subtasks there are (or even better [# remaining] / [total number of subtasks]), etc. Is this possible with Asana?


Hi @Anthony_Marini

Possibly one of the most requested features… this was discussed in another thread in regards to custom fields:

If you like it, please vote on that thread! :slight_smile:



@Anthony_Marini Oh, and if this answer your question, mark my previous as the answer! :smiley:


Hi Carlo, thanks for the reply! It’s similar, but the thread you linked seems to have more to do with custom fields and making those visible. I’m more talking about making the contents visible through icons or abbreviations on the card. (Disclaimer, I saw this in a competitor’s product when I was researching kanban solutions). So for example, if there is text in the description, then there is a small icon. Or if there are 10 tasks and 4 are completed then it shows “(6/10)” or a percentage or something. And of course if there’s an attachment then a small paperclip. Similar to how tags can be used to add an identifying color, this would add a top-level visibility to the cards making it easier to keep track of what’s going on inside each task.


Yeah! Some small UX improvements like that would help people who prefer kanban boards (I do not, outside of brainstorms). Excellent suggestions, I don’t believe anything like that exists and currently the only thing it shows is the title, image preview, assignee, due date.

I’m going to move this to the product feedback section, be sure to vote on it if you want to see it =)


Hi! I also miss the possibility to see the sub tasks on the cards in my favorite view, the board view. I really like the idea of sub tasks when we have bigger tasks that are harder to split into completely different stories, but not seeing them makes me not create them.
In the cards I would like to see the 2-4 first sub tasks and be able to assign these.