Individual grouping in the board view

Hello all,
currently, tasks in the board view are grouped only by the section they belong to. The columns are then named according to the name of the section.
For my way of working and certainly for the way of other users it would be great to have more options and to be able to choose the condition for the grouping.

I couldn’t find anything in the english as well as in the german forum. If there is something, please comment.

Here is an example:
I have a project for media planning. For the way I work in the list view, the best way is to divide it according to the different print and online media in which ads are placed. Therefore, I create sections with the names of these media. Each ad or online placement is a task.
Each task can be assigned a status via a custom field (order placed, file sent, invoice released …).
In the board view, it would now be great if I could freely decide whether the grouping is done based on the sections or the custom field “Status”.

Many greetings, Julia

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