Individual Default Views or User Salvos/Macros

It has been suggested before that each user should be able to save their own default views. And I’m still all for that, but if that’s too hard to implement, maybe implementing the use of “user buttons” to set the display will help us.

There are 2 ways to do this. The first way is to implement user buttons for each project. Again, these are user specific, so each user’s buttons would be different. The second way would be global user buttons that aren’t project specific, but again are specific to each user.

To explain this, I’ll just use the global scenario. Here each user is given 3 buttons that will change the interface based on their pre-defined settings. These changes don’t stick (save) it’s just like manually changing them yourself. The difference is, you are accomplishing it using a single button click rather than searching dropdowns and clicking multiple times.

Let’s say I setup my buttons to do:

  1. Filter to me, sort by due date
  2. Filter to me, sort by custom field
  3. Filter to custom field 1, sort by custom field 2

While I’ll have to do this every time I enter the project, at least it’s just one click, rather than a bunch. I’m hoping this is making sense, if it’s not clear the best way to think about this is using a macro (or salvo) to kick off a series of commands. Basically, we are kicking off the command that chooses the filter and sort.

Also, if the sort or filter options aren’t available (not in the project) then that user button would be greyed out, or maybe if you clicked it, it would tell you “field missing, cannot execute” something like that.

If this can be done on a per project and per user basis, than that’s even better. But at least giving each user 3 global user buttons to work with with help a lot.

Again, the best way would be to allow each user to save their own default views. Seems like doing this would save screen rendering time too.