Indicate which emails have been converted into a task using the Gmail add-on

The gmail app is great to create new tasks. However, once a task is created within an email, and when you come back to that email, there is no indication that the email has been turned into a task or used to make a task. Am I missing something? It does forward the email to Asana’s task manager and a task is created :thinking:(excellent) but when you are working in Gmail, and you come across the email again, I was expecting that task to be visible in the Asana side bar. With the high volumes of tasks one will create with emails, it would be helpful to know if a given email has been turned into a task already.

This image is the same before and after one creates a task with a given email:

Is this not one of the functions?

Hi @Mike_Colombo and thanks for your great feedback!

Unfortunately as it stands we do not indicate email which has been converted to a task using the Asana add-on for Gmail, but I can certainly see how useful this would be for Teams still heavily working with emails. I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow other people to vote for this feature, and I’ve also slightly edited the title of your post so it better reflects your request and is more discoverable to other users; hope you don’t mind!

@Marie , Thank you for the update and thank you for moving this to Productfeedback. I appreciate it.

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I would suggest using workflow in your email program to handle this. As soon as you have turned the email into any necessary task(s) in Asana, then move the email into a PROCESSED state, i.e. with tags or into a PROCESSED folder. The idea is that if you’re managing all your actions in Asana, the email Inbox is truly an Inbox, i.e. a temporary waystation. Everything that needs doing with an email can be turned into an Asana task - even an email that you just need to mull for X days.

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Great idea @Stephanie_Oberg, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: