Indent a list with French Keyboard


Hi there, I am using a french keyboard and I’d like to know which keyboard shortcut I can use to indent my list.
Indeed, we don’t have a ] key, to do the ] we have to press Maj + Option + )

thank you!



Hi @Xavier_Duportet! I believe @Niamh will be able to provide an answer for you.


Hey @Xavier_Duportet - good to hear from you! At the moment, some keyboard shortcuts, such as the indent shortcut, won’t work on FR keyboards (and Spanish etc). This is something our Product team is aware of, and hopefully, after the release of Asana in other languages (which is imminent!), we will see this being fixed.


Hi @Niamh,

As you probably know this is a problem on all European keyboards.

It would be nice to know if this was something you are going to fix, and not just “hopefully”.

Kind regards,