Incredibly frustrating UX/UI with Tickets

Your user interface is really hard to use… it is counter productive and it looks like some graphic designer did it without any regard to actually using it! First, this view area on the right side that cannot be resized. Its would be fine if this was a quick preview pane, but its not… this is the primary ticket viewing area and I cannot make it wider to read the content. This causes sentences stretch on for 12 lines making the task incredibly hard to read. Then we have the “full-screen” view. This is a nice view, but again its designed like i just need to take a quick peek and then close it. I need to read this window constantly as I switch back and forth from work, but when I click the background area of this window it closes it back to the preview view. Everything in the main content area of this ticket is clickable and the background is clickable so if I didn’t use alt-tab to find this window, chances are when I focus it, I got to spend 3-5 min figuring out where I navigated to or what button i pressed and then get back to the ticket. It’s honestly unusable and my frustration is growing daily. There is also no way to open tickets in the list view in a new window so I can have more than one ticket open at the same time… Its almost like the UX designer made it as unproductive as possible! Go back to the design board and consider a change of talent.

Hi @Alex_Barker and thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with teh new List view. In order to keep this Forum organized, we would encourage you to vote and comment on existing threads, and create a new #productfeedback for each specific request you may have, this makes it easier for other community users to vote and for us to action and follow-up.

I’ve listed below one exiting threads that I think you’d be interested in to, but for other requests (ability to resize task pane, to open tasks into new browser tabs…) I would highly recommend creating a new #productfeedback.