Increased functionality within emails (especially outlook)

I love the work that has been done recently to increase the functionality within emails! Saves so much time. We loved what could be done within gmail however recently we just migrated to microsoft and have noticed a few things missing compared to gmail. Not sure if it is because outlook wont let you, but we would love to see the comment features the same as gmail where they continue to build at the bottom. Also the simple act of liking a comment - In gmail it shows you it has been actioned and highlights the thumbs up. In outlook it takes you to a new tab and tells you about it. That is just wasting time, now I have another tab to close.

Also just a thought, but i would love to be able to select a field or 2 that can be added to the email. if i could change the status of a job and comment in an email it would be life changing!!

keep up the good work :+1:t2: