Increase task template limit

It would be great to get more than 10 task templates. :slight_smile:


Joining the chorus with feedback that we’d like more than 10 templates. 50 would be a more sensible limit.


100% agree. I just hit the 10 template limit and my :broken_heart: as it was a big part of the plan to reduce time needed in our triage process and now I’m stuck.


Task templates are so useful and my team really loves them! However, the maximum of 10 task templates per project is very limiting. We could get more use out of this feature if there was no limit (or a much higher limit like 100+).

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Hi, I need to bulk edit 150-200 tasks at a time. Is it possible to disable the 50 task limit on bulk editing, please?
It’s a fairly urgent matter. Thanks in advance.

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A higher limit of task templates would be really helpful.

Possible to get at least 50 task template in a project, 10 task seems to little…


Why is there any limit at all to number of task templates? These are critical to getting clean data into a project.

  • There need to be at least 30-50 minimum
  • There needs to be a global task template editor to allow us to edit all task templates of the same type across all projects
  • We need to be able to trigger a task template from a form or incoming email, etc
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hi @Rebecca_McGrath do we have any update or roadmap of task template limit increase? thank you!

Hi everyone :wave:

I’m happy to say that we have just increased our task template limit and doubled it from 10 to 20 :tada:

That said, I’ll keep this thread open so you can continue to share your feedback and uses cases for an increased limit :slight_smile:




  • Are they working on a global task template editor to allow us to edit all task templates of the same type across all projects?
  • We need to be able to trigger a task template from a form, or incoming email, etc This needs to be configurable per template.

We are running into instances where we would like more than 20 task templates per project or the option for an unlimited task template library that can be used across all projects


YES. We also need many more than 20.

A Global Task Template Editor is glaringly missing and is critically needed.

Ability to use task templates from Mobile is also desperately needed. Without them using the mobile app to add tasks makes the mobile app unusable to us.

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Is there any progress on this?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum👋

As Rebecca shared on the 26th of September the limit was increased to 20.

Asana does not have a public roadmap so we cannot say if and when they‘d increase it further.

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I would love if we can finally get this going. I have requested all my Asana Users (I have an email group in Outlook for them) to please upvote this. For everyone here requesting this change, I recommend also sending them an email asking for them to upvote! With numbers we can get a change going!

Yes…this is what I had to do! Thank you for suggesting.

Hi all! Seems like this limit has been increased from 20 to 50 task templates :partying_face:


Thanks for sharing the news, @Richard_Sather ! You are right, this update is available to all customers :slight_smile:


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