Incorrect Password glitch when trying to add personal acct

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I have an existing personal account and an existing organisation account. I am trying to connect them, which I believe is by using Email Forwarding section. But when I try to add my personal account, I am getting an error message that password is incorrect. However have logged in with same details on two devices fine. Password is not wrong, account won’t add.

Steps to reproduce:
Account Settings → Email Forwarding → enter existing personal email and password.

Browser version:

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Hey @Luke_Rayner,

just to confirm the password you entered is the one from the current Asana you are logged into?
I recommend to also type the password on a separate note or doc and then copy and paste it to ensure no empty spaces, because even an empty space might trigger this error.

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No I wasn’t, I was entering the password of the account I wanted to merge. Thanks that has fixed.
I would recommend it is made more clear, as when you are entering an email address and password, natural assumption is the password would relate to that email address.


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