Inconsistent Labeling in Desktop/Web vs iOS App


Your dev team has labeled the Desktop/Web’s “Overview” section as “About” on the iOS version of Asana, caused a little confusion on our team.

Hi @Nathan_Alexander, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

The About section on mobile does correspond to the About section on the desktop/browser version of Asana. This is different to the Overview section which is not accessible via mobile.

I hope this clarifies this for you :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca

No sorry, that’s not entirely correct. See the following screenshots.

In order to access the information on the tab/page that says “Overview” in the desktop and web version of the app (seen in screenshot 1) you must go to the “About” section in the iOS app (screenshot 2), because there is no “Overview” section. There is a discrepancy between the two applications. While the about section may show some of those details in both, there is a difference in the extent of content shows, and the “Overview” page is missing entirely from the iOS app, at least as far as we can see-- if you know where it is by all means point it out. This is an oversight, in fact the tabs/pages on the desktop app and iOS are not consistent in other ways, and again having one page (Overview) appear in two places but not exist in one version of the application caused some (momentary but unnecessary) confusion on our team.

Happy to jump on a zoom and clarify for you or your team if these images do not help.

Sorry, your website only allows me to put one screenshot per post as a new user for some reason I can’t fathom

Thanks for getting back to me, @Nathan_Alexander :slight_smile: As I mentioned, the Overview section which is shown on the desktop or browser version of Asana not accessible via the mobile apps. You can, however, access the About section on the mobile apps which provides some, but not all of the same information.

The mobile app does not yet have the same amount of functionality as the desktop or browser versions of Asana. If you’re looking to get the full scope of your Project, it is best to view on a desktop :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

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