'Incomplete tasks' view erratic but mostly does not show all incomplete tasks


I’m using Asana in board view, using Chrome browser in an incognito window, Mac running Mavericks OS X 10.9.5. When I choose ‘Incomplete tasks’ from the top right dropdown, usually I get an incomplete list of those tasks. Occasionally I get a full list, but it is rare. Please can anyone advise me if this is a known bug or if I am doing something wrong. I’ve only just started using Asana - I’m hoping that something this fundamental is not a bug. Disappointed that the response to this request from support was ‘Ask the community’…


Hi @Dominic_Bowles- that’s a great question, and I’m sorry for your frustration. The incomplete tasks view should show a list of all incomplete tasks in the Board, and you may need to scroll if you have tasks that do not show in the initial view.

Would you mind showing a screenshot of the “All Tasks” view vs, the “Incomplete Tasks” view in the board, so we can try to determine what might be limiting the results?


Hi Kaitie

Sure! I’ve attached one of three screenshots of a project - one showing all tasks and two having selected the ‘Incomplete tasks’ view - one which worked and one with an incomplete list. The ‘Funeral and cremation’ column had about a dozen items, with three or four complete. You can see that in one “Incomplete Tasks” view, I get more all the incomplete tasks (scroll bar down the right side of that column) whereas in the other I only saw five (no scroll bar).

I’ll send the second and third screenshots separately - apparently I can only add one image per reply…

Hope this helps to explain what I’m experiencing.

Thanks and regards



Hi Dominic. We’ll be happy to help! I’m the community manager at Asana. It’s nice to meet you. For future reference, it is possible to add multiple images to a post. When in doubt, just drag and drop the images into the text pane where you’re drafting your message.

Regarding your incomplete task view issue, I could be mistaken but it looks like the only discrepancy between your first and second incomplete tasks screenshot is one task is missing: “AEB/DWB friends.” I’m guessing the task was completed between screenshots which is why it was removed from the list.

I believe the scrollbar issue has to do with the size of the browser window you’re using. If your browser window is small and covers the full list, a scrollbar will appear to help you view your full list of tasks. In the image I can see the scrollbar at the top of the column titled “Funeral and cremation.” Are there additional tasks that you see when you scroll all the way down?

We’ll get to the bottom of this. :slight_smile: