Incomplete tasks, Completed tasks, Backlogged tasks!


Asana currently have completed and incomplete tasks. It would be great to be able to set a task to backlogged. Often I have tasks that might not need attention in the near future. I guess you could call them ‘someday/maybe’. However I still like to add them to projects (or Areas of focus which is how I use projects) . However it would be good to hide these someday/maybe tasks and thus having a backlogged status would be very helpful. I know this could be achieved with custom fields, but this still would not allow the tasks to be hidden from view.


Where do you tend to look at these tasks? Board View, List, only in your My Tasks? We create a “Backlog” column in our boards and just keep tasks like this there as things to pick up if we have time or they become relevant. For personal tasks I tend to move things like this down to Later and then if I want to review them from time to time I’ll give them an arbitrary Due Date to some point in the future when I think I might want to view them again, when that date arrives they’ll pop up into my “Today” section and I’ll decide if they’re still relevant and push them out again, work on them, or delete them.


@RyanE - Yes we do the same for the board view and my tasks. However I use projects (mainly) to designate areas of work. eg IT, HR, Legal, Marketing etc. So for example I may have tasks in IT that are not due for 6 months (or never due - ie might be someday/maybe/idea) but it will show in list view. I think having a backlogged status would allow for these type of tasks to be classified by project but not necessarily visible . (ie by setting the view of a project)

On a related note in regards to boards etc I think it would be super handy if we could designate or link the column type to the task completion status (complete,imcomplete,backlogged).


Yeah I do wish there was ability to link some columns to statuses. I get tired of finding completed tasks in non-“Completed” columns and incomplete tasks that were moved to the “complete” column.

Since you’re using listview, have you tried creating a new section at the bottom called “someday/maybe/idea” and just moving all those down there out of the way? Another item might be a tag set to a specific color so it stands out.

My guess is Asana would be hesitant to create a third status for a task because it breaks the simplicity of the task having a boolean state (not done or done). If not that they’d need to add another flag for this purpose, and that would have the same effect of adding something that breaks the simplicity and maybe isn’t globally useful. Not trying to talk you out of it, who knows they might like it and I’ve seen similar requests before. Just seeing if I can help you find an alternative in the meantime.