Incomplete/Abandoned Wufoo Forms (unsubmitted) creating blank Asana tickets

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When a user partially fills out our web request form (URL available on request by Asana team), but changes their mind & abandons the form without completing it or hitting “submit”, the incomplete form creates an Asana Ticket anyway. We do NOT want this behavior, it is an extreme nuisance forcing our team to have to respond to every such incident and ensure the user did not intend an actual request to be submitted (in all cases the answer was “no, I ditched the form” BUT it’s protocol to follow up).

Steps to reproduce:
Visit our web request form (I will share URL with Asana team member ONLY, not publicly here, please email me) and fill out partially. Do not complete, do not submit. Wait a few minutes. An asana ticket will be created on our board.

Browser version:
Any/all as far as I know

Upload screenshots below:
There’s a delay between abandoned form and creation of blank Asana ticket. I’ll upload one when the next test thereof comes in (deleted all existing already)

Tried to upload screenshot but it would not permit this.

Form was abandoned approximately 10:28 a.m. this morning; took roughly 30-45 minutes for the ticket to show up, but show up, it did.

Upon further examination, this may in fact be a Wufoo issue. Forms with multiple pages get incomplete entries stored, and if this is what’s kicking off the ticket that may be the problem.

Advice welcome!

So my question now becomes – is there a method on Asana’s end for cutting off incomplete forms – e.g. if “submit” was not explicitly pressed, do not create a ticket?

I reached out to Wufoo and this is what I was told:

Hi Rynne,

Thanks for reaching out and checking on this.

I did a bit of digging on our end and can see that Asana updated their integration with towards the end of 2017 (please note that this integration is built out entirely on their end). Previously they used Webhooks which only fire after an entry is complete. It looks like now they are using our Entries API which will receive the entry in whatever state the entry is at that point.

Since they own the integration, I’d recommend reaching out to them directly with this information in hopes of them being able to get that updated. I’m sorry I can’t help much more on our end.

Sorry for the bad news here. It sounds like you’re familiar with how to filter out incomplete entries, and I recognize this doesn’t resolve the Asana ticket creation issue, but I did want to pass along the following info.

If you’d like to filter out or delete incomplete entries, then you can use the Entry Manager to delete partial entries in bulk. More on filtering entries and bulk deleting incomplete entries can be found under “Searching Entries” in this Help Center Article:

Otherwise, my best recommendation if you want to avoid partial entries entirely and prevent that Asana ticket from being created before the form is submitted, then your best bet here would be to remove the Page Breaks from the form and just have every field on the same page. More on deleting page breaks here:

Let me know if you have any other questions here.

Just on the Wufoo portion…I found that free Wufoo usually caused a ~~30 min or so delay in posting to Asana, whereas paid Wufoo was within 30 seconds. Wufoo does not advise this anywhere, but it seems to be clearly the case based on my use of it. See Wufoo and Asana Integration Not Working

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Hi @Rynne and thank you so much for the report!

@Stephanie_Oberg, you had the right instinct there, this has to do with free vs paid Wufoo accounts. The free version of Wufoo does not use Webhooks while the paid version does. Webhooks notify us when a form is complete, and send us the data to make a task. Without them, we have to “poll” Wufoo by checking for new forms every 5 mins or so; this can lead to incomplete forms being submitted, unfortunately. To be completely honest with you, since we just released a new Forms feature, I don’t believe this will be prioritized any time soon; but I’ll definitely keep an eye out and keep you posted when I have more information!