Incoherent display of "project tags" in list view and in task view



I can’t seem to make sense of how/when a task in whatever list view is displayed with one of those colourful “project tags” (i.e. they look like tags but actually link to a project). Sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not. I don’t get it.

I’m also wondering about the following: it tasks that are assigned to more than one project, these projects are displayed in different ways and I have no idea why and what the display format depends on. It almost looks like a CSS bug or something. This bugs me because in some tasks, I can remove the task from one of its projects simply by clicking this X:

(Similarly, I get an X for the Kanban project if I hover over that one.)

So this, I suppose is how it’s supposed to be.

But in some of my tasks, it looks like this:

To start with, the first project (Starting with “Le”) is not displayed in a single row but uses several rows. Hovering over it will do nothing at all.
The second project (Kanban) seems to look exactly like in the screenshot above, but only until you hover over it. In this case, you don’t get an X bit a pen instead. Only when you press that pen to edit the project name, you get an X that allows you to unlink the task from that project.


Hi @Christoph, I’m sort of following what you’re saying, so I’ll do my best to address your concerns:

  1. Yes, project and tag bubbles look the same. It’s a little confusing, but nothing we can do about this for now (perhaps use different colours to differentiate).
  2. I’m not sure what you mean by “displayed in different ways”. Different how? When I view a task, no matter what project I’m in, I can use the X on any project.
  3. If a task lives in just one project, Asana doesn’t give you the X option as ideally, you should always have a task in at least one project. When you add to a second project, you get an X appear so you can quickly remove if needed.
  4. To clarify, it looks like “L3” is a parent task, not a project (i.e. the task you’re on is a subtask). So yes, hovering on this, there is no X. And yes, the Kanban only has an X for the same reason as explained above.

Hope this helps!


Thanks dor taking thr time to reply.

See the two screenshots I provided.

Both tasks shown in the screenshots live in two projects. In tge first screenshot, the projects are “Art…” and “Kanban”. In the second screenshot, the projects are “Le…” and “Kanban”.

Yes, L3 is a parent task. But that parent task lives in the Le… project. So it’s the same situation as with “Art…” in the first screenshot. But it’s displayed differently.