Including Columns in Board Export to CSV


Does anyone have any tips on including the column (when a project is in Board format) in the CSV export?

I want to export the project to CSV for reporting purposes, and need to include the column (workflow stage) each task is in. I can’t seem to work out how, and it seems like a pretty obvious need (maybe just to me!).



Bridge24 will export the columns for your board projects.


@Susannah_Lynch unfortunately board columns are not included in the CSV right now. We’ve recorded your feedback, though, and our product team is aware of it. :slight_smile:

As a workaround for the purposes of a CSV export you could get creative with board cards. Maybe you create a board card (aka task) that includes the name of the column title and slightly manipulate the sheet/export to meet your needs.


Hi - checking to see if there is an update on this feature? I need to include the column headings in the csv file in order to create reports/graphs showing the tasks as they progress through the board. Thanks


Hey @Chris_Grefe — There aren’t any updates on this Board > .csv export yet.
@Alexis will make sure to post to the group when we get this functionality built in, though we don’t have precise timing around when that will happen.

An alternate solution would be to capture stages with custom fields, which would export as a column. :slight_smile:


Echoing this request as we are using the Board format as a kanban system and we’d like to track how long tasks are in certain columns (indicating bottlenecks, cycle time, etc.). Creating a custom field may be a band-aid but also becomes duplicative if we’re creating fields that just mirror the column headings.



Sorry, I don’t understand why it takes quite so long to add a single existing field to a CSV export. (And which should have been there from the beginning.)


+1 really need this feature


Agreed. This feature is necessary for generating project update/progress reports.


Also agree with the above posts. A column title field to the CSV export would be very helpful.


I hope everyone here is adding the vote to this request. Everything else will be prioritised over this necessary reporting feature.

I definitely +1 this reporting addition.


+1 This feature is an utmost necessity for any project model, definitely need the columns/swimlanes in export somehow.


Please include this feature, this is a must for board layout.


Any updates on this? We still have the same need! (I work with Susannah.)

Unfortunately, including the name of the column in each task is not a feasible workaround.


+1000! We really need this feature. Yeah, you can create a redundant custom field to capture which column you are in, but then you are doubling the steps required to properly move a task to a different column and more than doubling the risk of errors. Inevitably, you will end up with tasks with conflicting column references.


+1 more than 12 months from initial request now. Any status update on board column headings in CSV output. I’ll try the custom field workaround in the meantime but shouldn’t have to pay for Bridge24 for data that’s mine to begin with!


Yes please - is there any update Asana team? We also need this capability


@Alexis is exporting board columns to CSV and adding it to filters on your product roadmap? If so, when can we expect it?


Also upvoting this feature!

We’d like to have this feature to feed into our reporting macros

As a work around, we’ve used tags but this is extremely time consuming. Our team would really like to have the column added to the CSV Export


+1, add me to the list. Not having the ability to export the column heading or filter the cards by past due significantly impacts our ability to use the otherwise very useful kanban functionality. Let’s get some dev love on this request.