Include Jira Key to CSV export

I have almost a thousand Asana tasks that are linked to Jira Software.
Time logging happens in Jira for a development team, when Asana tickets are used for product management and status management.

I am exporting CSV from projects for reports proposes and Jira Key (or any other Jira information) is missing in the CSV file.

May I ask you to include Jira Key to CSV Export so I could export CSV from Jira and Asana and build pivot reports?

My ask is why are you exporting for reporting :wink:

Can you see this data via the API?

CC: @Bastien_Siebman @lpb

You connected Asana tasks with Jira tickets using the Jira native integration? The only way to find that link is by looking at the attachment object linked to each task, and that is not inside the CSV export but can be read through the API.

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I don’t use API connection to Asana, because am not a developer, I am a manager, even a little technical though.
I am preparing time reports and efficiency reports for top management. So that is why I need time spent per task. Time tracking value stored in Jira, when task itself is in Asana.

My idea is to export CSV from Asana and from Jira, and then create a pivot table with automatic filling Time values to Asana CSV new column. And the Jira key would serve as a connector between Excel rows.

Command: Take the Time value from the row with Jira ID = 123 and place it in the Asana Time column with matched IDs.

Yes, I have connected Jira with native integration.

Aslo, I have created Asana custom fields “Time Estimate” and “Time Spending” and fill them manually when the task is done. Then I export CSV and create analytics for forecasts and results.

I there a ready-made process or functionality in Asana? Has somebody already invented the wheel of time reporting in Asana?