Inbox View Improvements

saw a lot of good suggestions about the inbox (like sorting/chunking features etc). I am new to this and not sure how to improve the inbox, but I can state the inbox is the most frustrating, yet most important feature for our group to know what’s new. the problem is manyfold:

  • don’t really know how many “new” entries are there from the last time one checked, did I see this already?
  • lots of scrolling going on. the worst is if someone copy/pastes an entire email thread…
  • doesn’t collapse anything. lots and lots of scrolling… harder on a phone than web.
  • doesn’t display your own comments
  • screenestate is insufficiently being used.

maybe the inbox should simply show the task that has a new entry with the “dot” next to it that it’s new (sort of an unread email, maybe with two lines of the new post like a preview), if you want to see the new post, you have to click/tab on it.

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I would suggest you split your post, one request/idea per thread, and look for existing threads. That is the way this community is organized, so people can upvote and discuss individual requests.

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Hey Ben, I suggested taking advantage of the Archive feature in the inbox. They don’t permanently go away, but it clears up your inbox after you are done. When you hover over the task in your inbox, a little X should appear on the right hand side of the inbox screen. Hope this helps!


Welcome to the Forum @Ben and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

As @Bastien_Siebman suggested, we always recommend to create one thread per suggestion to make it easier for other users to upvote and for us to follow-up! I was able to find some existing threads similar to what you have suggested. I would recommend you to upvote them:

I would also recommend you to create a brand new thread suggesting Collapsible Inbox so others users can vote for this specific feature request.

Thank Ben! Have a great week!