Inbox "Tasks for Today" group


I like to use my inbox to see my tasks due today, open them, solve them or setting a new date, archive the notification and then move to the next. Now for some reason all the tasks due today are grouped in a box so it’s not helping my way of working. Is there any way to disable this and go back to how it was before?

This is what I mean:

Before whatever change was made, every task was an independent notification and now they’re all a big one notification. Any ideas? Is it possible to disable it? Is it because they’re name the same way or is it just because they’re due today?

Thank you.

Hi @Sebastian_Del_Grosso, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

We have recently implemented a daily summary inbox notification that consolidates all tasks due today in one notification. It’s not possible to revert this update but thanks for sharing your feedback and use case with us. As a workaround you sort your My Tasks list by Due date and action your feedback from this list. You will be able to set new due dates and mark them complete.

You can find more details about this update in our announcement below:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Thank you, Emily.

I’m actually doing what you said, sorting My Tasks by due date but it totally changes my way of working as I also have important notifications for my projects from other teams’ tasks in Inbox so I can see everything of my interest there and archive when I read or answer. If there’s any way you can change this into a customizable feature, that’d be great.


We don’t have plans to make this a customizable feature but we appreciate your feedback @Sebastian_Del_Grosso! I recommend you voting for this feature here: Select which Activities show up in inbox