Inbox notifications when I Complete tasks assigned to me


Ok Asana gurus… is there a way to stop receiving notifications in my Asana Inbox when I complete tasks assigned to me? I have many recurring tasks that I complete regularly, so I have to wade thru these useless notifications to find if there are things I actually need to review – like comments or assignments other people are sending my way. How can I stop getting notifications for things I, myself, have just completed? Is there a simple way? Thanks!


I think I don’t have them anymore but can’t recall how I did that :thinking:


Hi @Angie_Gilbert, your question piqued my curiosity for some reason. It lead me to this product page

And a quote in the guide section:

I am interpreting that you should not be getting those notifications. Maybe a more power user can shed some light,


Does this happen for any task you complete, or only the recurring ones?


It seems to be ALL of the tasks I complete.


I never see inbox notifications for tasks I’ve completed. Maybe contact support.

Click the “having trouble with…” button and then “Let’s Talk” in the blue area. I had a horrible time finding this for some reason. It seems so obvious now that I’m telling myself it wasn’t there before :wink:


Thanks, @RyanE. After I saw the post with the screenshot & link from @mmcrae4, I went ahead and did just what you have suggested & checked in with Support. It seems as though since I am our site’s Admin & have created a large number of our Teams/Projects/Templates & Recurring Tasks, I get added as a default Follower. I am likely getting the notifications because I am listed a follower (not just the Assignee). So I have to remove myself from following & hopefully that will ease my pain. I was hoping there was something easier. At least it only is troubling me-- and not everyone in my Org! Appreciate the help & hope you have an awesome day!


Hmmm, not to rain on anything, but I’m a follower of all my tasks and don’t have this happen. If you remove yourself from following your own tasks I think that’ll have other side effects, like you won’t get notification if someone else comments on it maybe. Not to mention that’ll be painful long term as it’s default functionality. Hopefully support can help more.

I’m in a similar role where I do most of the management of all our projects and templates. But we’re free, not premium, so I don’t have the extra admin role.