Inbox Notifications bug


Asana Inbox does not refresh notifications(Tested on Firefox and Chrome). Neither do the Andoid app pop them up.


Hi @Javier_Bachiller and thanks for reaching out!

Are you still experiencing this issue with your Inbox? If so, could you kindly provide us with more details? What notification are you missing? Do you have any screenshot to share?

Many thanks!


Up untill yesterday, no notifications were shown. Today, it only shows those that are due today but no trace of those i follow.
English is not my mother tongue but I hope I am making myself understood


Thanks @Javier_Bachiller;

Note that you will only receive notifications in these specific cases: If you think you’re still missing some notifications, please let us know! By the way we also have a Spanish Forum ( if this is easier for you :slight_smile:


I seems it’s working fine now. Thank you


Great news! Thanks for keeping me posted!