Inbox is not so informative



Hey Asana gang,

I am having trouble being informed through the Inbox… Like I would like to know only the last message and for it to have an icon like unread, not the blocks of few last messages in the task… It would help me so much to do my work better - cause I often not see the important messages or I have to scroll a lot to see everything.

If you could add some way to set the preferences for the inbox it would be great!
Thank you so much! Other than this I love your product!

Yours truly,


Our product team has improving notifications and Inbox on their roadmap, so this is great feedback! Better sorting and navigation of Inbox is on my wish list, too!


Supergrateful for the prompt response Shannon!
We at are looking forward to these changes! If we can help anyhow, please let us know!

Keep on rocking! Love you guys!


Inbox filtering/sorting and team member timelines are the most needed features in Asana IMHO.