Inbox - Archiving buttons

I’m on a lot of teams (all to be exact) and I get every notification in my inbox. It’s tough to sift through this to find the things that actually apply to me. But it’s not that hard to go through an archive them, but what complicates it, is when the message goes from a single message to a group of messages, because the way you click the “x” changes a little, specifically the surface area to hit the “x” reduces to single lines rather than 3+ lines.

To me, this is an easy fix. When you do groups of messages (say 3 of them) and it gives you 1 “x” at the end of each one of those lines. There is space above the first entry, that’s still part of the grouped messages, here you can place a “Archive All” button, so we don’t have to keep moving the mouse from the right-hand side to to below the message and back… and forth.

In the example image, I’m showing where all the clickable archive buttons would be, but they would only show when your mouse hovers over them, just like currently. The only difference is I’m using the non-used area in the message groups to add an “All” button that will archive all the items under it, so you don’t have to click 2 or 3 times, and your mouse can stay on the right-hand side.