In timeline view, is there any way to highlight Overdue tasks?

When in Timeline view, I want to be able to quickly see the tasks that are overdue.

Currently they appear just as any other tasks. Is it possible to distinguish them?

In Board view, I can at least see the date in red, but in Timeline view there is no distinction at all.

Welcome, @Asif_Mahmud,

You’re right, this isn’t offered in Timeline view like some other views like List and Board.

You can get around that with a single-select “Overdue?” custom field with a single option value: :heavy_check_mark: that you color red. Then in Timeline view change the header Color option to Overdue? and Save for everyone.

You could get that Overdue? custom field set automatically with a rule: When task is 1 day overdue, set Overdue? to :heavy_check_mark:. Otherwise you’d have to do that manually.



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