In multiple projects, I've encountered an issue where some fields that were previously in use have gone missing.

I’ve encountered an issue in the project where certain fields have gone missing, and I can’t locate them in the library either. Is there a way for me to check the logs to see if someone has deleted them, or how can I investigate this? Multiple team members have experienced similar problems in various projects and would like to understand the underlying cause.

Those fields were definitely deleted or removed from the project. Support can help, we did it the other day, if you tell them how the field was named and in which project it was, they can recover some info.

Why were there deletions without our knowledge? Due to the impact on multiple projects, some projects within the team are unable to proceed. :cry:

I don’t work for Asana you have to contact support. Deleting a field doesn’t inform anyone indeed.

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Thank you

Hi @PanSupanya

I agree with Bastien.

As additional reminder, you can protect a field (see screenshot)


Wow That’s really great, Thank you :saluting_face:

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