In Customize, don't include basic metadata fields in count of fields; rename Fields to Custom Fields

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
In updated orgs, all nine regular metadata fields are not listed in the customize flyout list, though the total (9 Fields) tallies them. The example project in the screenshot has no custom fields; if I added any, they would show and add to the “ Fields” count.

Steps to reproduce:
Just open Customize and see the discrepancy as below. Also appears in incognito browser.

Browser version:
Latest Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @lpb , I have recently experienced this in my orgs that have the new multi-sorting feature and the ‘Show fields’ button on the left (instead on the right), next to the +Add task button. I noticed in the release notes that the 9 metadata fields have been pulled out of the customize menu and now available (only) from the ‘Show fields’ button. Although the move makes sense to some extent, perhaps the fields sections in the Customize menu should be renamed to ‘Custom fields’ instead of just ‘Fields’ to make things clearer… :person_shrugging:

However, in the case when there are no custom fields added to the project, I see the below (the Add custom field button is available, along with the Time your work button), so it is strange you see nothing there:

Also, the number (9) should now reflect the number of custom fields only, not include the metadata fields as this may be confusing to some users, who may wonder where/what are those other 9 fields!

Thanks, @Richard_Sather! I updated my bug report as you indicate; initially, I forgot about the new Show fields on the left! The issues in the edited report above remain and are perhaps known to developers, but are confusing until fixed.

I had been working with multiple orgs t the time, sometimes as member and sometimes as guest, so in the screenshot, no Add custom field is expected (I was a guest).



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Ah that makes sense! But in that case, it would make sense for the ‘Fields’ section (and shortcut button) in the Customize menu to be completely removed/hidden just for Guests (who cannot create or edit custom fields anyway), right? Guests would be able to show/hide fields just from the new ‘Show fields’ button, next to the new multi filter & sort buttons.

@Richard_Sather, Although that’s one option, I don’t think that’s the best option. Like Rules and Task Templates in the same Customize area, it’s useful for guests to see what exists in the project even if they can’t edit those entities. Also, that makes the UI more consistent for guests and members, which is a lesser point but still helpful. So I’d vote for keeping all those things read-only and making just the changes I outlined. But I recognize you and others might not agree!



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Oh in that case, yes I would have to agree with you! If just the project’s custom fields were displayed for guests but not editable then that would be better than a blank section in the Customize pane, for sure!

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Hi @lpb and @Richard_Sather and thanks for the report.

I have a feeling this is expected for the time being and not directly a bug, but I agree this is super confusing! I’ve escalated the issue to our team and will keep you posted here when I have an update!


Hello there and thanks for your patience while I worked on figuring this out!

Our team confirmed that if a user doesn’t have permission to add custom fields to a project (Can comment only), and if there are no existing customer fields in the project, we’re not displaying anything under the Fields section - which would explain why you aren’t seeing anything under the “Fields” section @lpb

I hope that helps clear things up, but don’t hesitate to let me know below if you have any questions!

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A critical issue here is that when checking to make sure various projects have the same field in them in the same order, we open up the customize panel, and we re-organize the order of the custom fields in one single place

Moving the system fields to another button, takes them out of the order so now we have to check two places to make sure that all the custom field in every single project of the same type are in exactly the right order

This is two critical issues with Asana:

  • Custom fields are not identified as custom fields versus system fields under the customize button, where they belong so that we can make sure that they are in the correct order quickly and easily across all similar projects, checking each similar project one at a time to make sure they are all in the correct same field order.

  • There is still no global project template for projects of the same type. Having a project template is great, but there is no global project editor for templates of the same type so if we want to add a custom field to all the projects that are similar, we can’t!

If you guys would just fix this and just make a global template editor for projects of the same type, it would save a massive amount of user hours that are being completely wasted by your apps failure to create less work about work. Instead, it’s creating more work about work.

I wish there was something more helpful. I could post here to help people out, but there isn’t anything to help with.

Not only that, but some projects show the system fields still under the customize panel, and some do not show them under the customize panel and only show the system fields under the new button on the top left making it extremely difficult to go quickly through all the projects that are similar and making sure they have all the custom fields in the right order.

Marie please provide a solution so we can use your software