In calendar view, show if task is dependent on another incomplete task

When you roll over a task in calendar view, you see the check mark and have the ability to mark the task complete. However, if the task is dependent on another that is not completed, I would like to see the icon that indicates this task is dependent instead of the check mark - similar to the list view. That would show if an incomplete assigned task can be worked on or if it is still waiting for something else.

Hi @Donna_B, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

If you open a dependent task in calendar view, this task will have a banner in its right pane indicating it is waiting on another task. I certainly understand what you mean, it’ll be a good feature to have an icon indication the task is dependent without needing to open it. We currently don’t have immediate plans to create a similar feature but I’ll keep you updates as soon as I have news!