In a list view project, a section disappears when nothing falls under it.

We use custom fields in a List View project. Within this project, we define sections with a Custom Field that is titled ‘category.’ Whenever a new task is created, and a user selects a category, the task gets put under its appropriate section.

Now if a section has no children (no tasks that fall under it’s category), then that section doesn’t render in the entire project until a new task is made with its category. This bug is making it difficult for us to use Asana, and is cause by the new view change.

Any help would be appreciated.

I can definitely feel you, but now consider this: let’s say you have a custom fields with 50 entries, would you want 50 empty sections? :thinking: not sure your request works for everyone and Asana probably decided on the less cluttering solution. But maybe some day it can be something you configure on a per-project basis! I’ll upvote your request!

Thanks for your reply Bastien.