Improvements to Printing

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This issue is resolved, with thanks

People don’t ask me if I secretly work for ASANA

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Cheers! I write a lot. In my opinion, Asana could be “perfect” for authoring with a few enhancements. For book, article, play, or script for video or audio, the board view is ideal for chapter, scene, or segment layout. The ability to move tasks and sub-tasks (chapters and storyline features) around is “awesome.” If comments could be moved around and exporting to Word, Pages, or a basic text format, at least I would find this to be my “go-to” writing program. I would also like to be able to export to a word processing programs with selectability. That is to say, I would like the opportunity to print the project, task, sub-task, and/or all, or a selected number of comments. Knowing that Asana is a project management focused software, the bridge between the aforementioned may not appear consistent, but it is; writing is a project.

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Navigating the trillions of bytes of data on Asana, I am convinced that no one using the product knows this topic is even here. I’ve been struggling with this issue for over a year, and finally found this because I am frustrated to the the point that I was willing to really dig deep!

Here is the bottom line… no matter how many shortcuts users need to come up with, the print output options of this application are sub standard. For the complexity of this system, and the amount of money an untold number of users are paying, there should be more than and single click-print dump or export-and-figure-it-out-yourself solution.

I am convinced that if I could point every Asana user to this post, that I could get at least 80% of the users to say, “Hey, would you please make this a priority and fix this.”

I can’t imagine that printing a check list of tasks at a high level for a Team or Project would be that difficult. Please have someone look at this.

Thank you!


Also we need a way to print the “my tasks” in a real simple way without all the details like task description. Something you can use as a to do list if you still like paper.


I receive on a weekly basis My Tasks in a nice easy one page list without all the descriptions. Seems that if the information can be sent to me in an email, then an option to print My Tasks in a similar fashion would be available. Any ideas anyone?


For me, I really would love it if I could print my board just as it appears on the screen. We don’t have a monitor in our conference room, so when I meet with multiple people I have to use screenshots to put together what is basically a paper version of my Kanban board.


Is there a way to Print just a section of a project? Completed and Incomplete Tasks

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@House, There’s no way to do this with Asana’s Print feature, but I created Asana2Go (articles/videos) with this in mind.

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It would be great if I could print multiple columns of boards on one page! So much wasted space currently on the one column per page set up.

Is there any way to change the current printing format in the list view?

@Kaitie - We have created a Kanban board as a project with all of our projects on it, but can’t figure out how to print out something that looks anything like a Kanban board. I noticed your previous comment about wanting details on what we have in mind. I’d be happy to connect with you.


I don’t believe Asana can print board columns side-by-side. (Also, Kaitie is no longer at Asana.)

Since you have a project of projects, perhaps this different but related alternative could help in your case:


Disclaimer: I’m the creator of Asana2Go.



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How is this a solution? It just seems like a (justified) rant :slight_smile: Is there actually (2 years on) a way to print a selection of tasks with their full descriptions?

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the print out is missing the task description, not happy :frowning:

Is there any upcoming updates that will enable us to be able to print our projects as displayed online?

Currently, when printing your project list it only captures a current print screen instead of including all the details of the task. It also then cuts off the list at the bottom of the page (where you would usually scroll to view lower tasks on the page).

We hired someone to create an API to enable us to print our lists, however it is forever glitching due to the constant updates Asana are doing to their website.

Please enable a proper function Asana as it is crucial to our team meetings and daily schedules.


@Philippa_Grant, You might have better luck with Asana2Go (Disclaimer: I’m the creator) than your custom API app. Search this forum for Asana2Go, or see the Medium posts and YouTube videos mentioned in the above link.

Here’s just one of the more detailed standard Asana2Go outputs showing just a single task:

Here’s an Asana project (which includes the task above) and another of the standard Asana2Go outputs which somewhat approximates the Asana view:

Hope that helps,


It should be pretty interesting if they created a feature like this. For example you’re a manager of a big restaurant, you have a lot of waiters which you need to manage and to make a schedule for them. So, the perfect thing was if the manager could do it during his work on his phone. Or sitting somewhere resting and doing the schedule. Then he could press on a button and print it through a wifi printer. At the end of the work he can go to his office and take the paper, then stick it on the wall. Nice concept and for video, isn’t it? I saw a couple of ideas from mrdepot guys, they really know how things are done.

My suggestion would be to use Bridge24 for Asana for printing tasks. The Report Engine allows you to print any group of tasks, with grouping, sorting, and more.