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Love the new board view (in beta). Would really appreciate it if you make the printing work better - I use these to plan for meetings, but if I can’t take the information with me it’s useless. Will have to stick to the lists until the printing is better on boards, but like the layout of boards better.


Printing "My Tasks"
Printing - Selecting and Sorting

Thanks for the great feedback, @Gale_Kindberg. If you use the project actions menu from a Board and select Print from there, you will get a formatted print with the cards broken down by column. Are there other details you’d like to see on the print output?

I’d also love to learn a bit more about how you use this information when you take it with you? Could you use the mobile app to have the Board with you and all the associated information, or do you need to share with someone who doesn’t have access to Asana? Would love to get more detail about how this would be helpful. Thanks!

Printing not working in Board project

Hi Kaitie-

The current printing option puts each board on a separate page, and if I only have 1-2 items per board that is an immense waste. I do print/use a lot of paper, but I try to be conscientious about it and this is just too much for me to justify using, especially when a list prints so much more concisely.

I’ve really been using Asana as a to-do list for both myself and my team members. We aren’t project based so much as each individual has their own tasks and projects, and so a single project with many people assigned is rare. So usually I keep track of what they’re currently working on, what they need to start on and any other miscellaneous notes to share with them at our one-on-one meetings.

I actually like the idea of taking my phone to read off of and also enter notes on-the-spot and may start to do that! I usually write on the list as we go and transfer the notes later. And there are still some instances where I’d need to be able to print the boards, but preferably on less pages.

I like the idea, just wish it printed on less paper/more condensed. It’s a lot of wasted space and paper. Thanks!


Hi @Gale_Kindberg! Appreciate you being mindful of printing and paper usage! Expanding on the suggestions from you and Kaitie it sounds like for your 1:1 meetings you’re starting to explore the idea using Asana for meeting agendas. I think you’d really benefit from the flexibility of a project structured like this - you can even create the 1:1 projects as board views with columns for ‘Currently Working On’, ‘To Start’, and ‘To Discuss’. When the need arrises to share those miscellaneous notes you can create new cards in that column, or use our tethering feature to bring in existing tasks to the meeting project - this is a great way of reducing duplicative work!


Hi, I would lke to share my finding at Board print layout, although cards are broken down by the column on each page, but the column title is not shown on page one, it’s only showing at page one, or only the first title is presented.

Hoping that would be fixed!


I agree with the prior comments: printing a project with board layout needs improvement:

  1. The column name is only printed for the first column.

  2. The tiles are fixed size with normally a lot of white space. No more than 8 per sheet. An option to print as a straight list with indentation instead of rectangles and white space would be greatly appreciated.


I agree with mkoehler, and would like to add, that no need to get the attached pictures at the printout layout.

So exciting to see this works


I work with people who aren’t all in Asana. As a contractor I’m not in a position to require that they do. However, I would like to make the process of creating project updates with tasks/action items or even meeting notes easier. Right now the print out capabilities of Asana even in list view are not easy on the eye. I end up doing a lot of copy and paste from the CSV output. Would love an easier way to get the info out of Asana to share with others who are not users.

I do use run Asana meetings in Asana when I’m meeting with people on my team just need to make it easy for me to meet with others who aren’t with easier print options or export options that make it easy for me to format.


I use ASANA religiously and would like to have the capability to choose what is included in what is being printed as well as making the section text either larger and/or color coded when printing.

People ask me if I secretly work for ASANA :joy:


Love it :smile:


This issue is resolved, with thanks

People don’t ask me if I secretly work for ASANA


Cheers! I write a lot. In my opinion, Asana could be “perfect” for authoring with a few enhancements. For book, article, play, or script for video or audio, the board view is ideal for chapter, scene, or segment layout. The ability to move tasks and sub-tasks (chapters and storyline features) around is “awesome.” If comments could be moved around and exporting to Word, Pages, or a basic text format, at least I would find this to be my “go-to” writing program. I would also like to be able to export to a word processing programs with selectability. That is to say, I would like the opportunity to print the project, task, sub-task, and/or all, or a selected number of comments. Knowing that Asana is a project management focused software, the bridge between the aforementioned may not appear consistent, but it is; writing is a project.


Don’t forget to vote for this feature at the top of the thread, folks!


Navigating the trillions of bytes of data on Asana, I am convinced that no one using the product knows this topic is even here. I’ve been struggling with this issue for over a year, and finally found this because I am frustrated to the the point that I was willing to really dig deep!

Here is the bottom line… no matter how many shortcuts users need to come up with, the print output options of this application are sub standard. For the complexity of this system, and the amount of money an untold number of users are paying, there should be more than and single click-print dump or export-and-figure-it-out-yourself solution.

I am convinced that if I could point every Asana user to this post, that I could get at least 80% of the users to say, “Hey, would you please make this a priority and fix this.”

I can’t imagine that printing a check list of tasks at a high level for a Team or Project would be that difficult. Please have someone look at this.

Thank you!

Print Images when Printing with Asana

Also we need a way to print the “my tasks” in a real simple way without all the details like task description. Something you can use as a to do list if you still like paper.


I receive on a weekly basis My Tasks in a nice easy one page list without all the descriptions. Seems that if the information can be sent to me in an email, then an option to print My Tasks in a similar fashion would be available. Any ideas anyone?


For me, I really would love it if I could print my board just as it appears on the screen. We don’t have a monitor in our conference room, so when I meet with multiple people I have to use screenshots to put together what is basically a paper version of my Kanban board.


Is there a way to Print just a section of a project? Completed and Incomplete Tasks


@House, There’s no way to do this with Asana’s Print feature, but I created Asana2Go (articles/videos) with this in mind.