Improvements to integrate boards into Asana environment



besides the
popular Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)
and Feature request: Swimlanes and Kanban boards

Asana could make many improvements to Boards:
(from our company point of view it is even a should make improvements, because our “Asana teams” do not manage to convince our “Trello teams” to switch to Asana)

  1. Instead of a Details-Pop-Up show the Details-Pane on the right
    (could be optional)
  2. Give a more condensed Card View
    (something more similar to the design of a task row in list view, e.g. start by adapting the font size of the task title, make it as small as in List view)
  3. Make it possible to add new cards by hitting return within a column
    (=simply typing out new cards)
  4. Activate also the other keyboard shortcuts for cards
  5. Make Custom Fields visible on the card
  6. Enable the sorting/grouping options of lists per board column
    (or for all board columns at the same time)
  7. Introduce at least the “My Incomplete Tasks” filter to boards and lists
  8. Make it possible to mark cards as done
  9. Enable to switch My Tasks from a list into a board view with the columns “New”, “Today”, “Upcoming”, “Later”
  10. Enable drag-and-drop to convert cards into subtasks of other cards :wink:

All of this would integrate Boards way more into the Asana environment :heart:


@Hendrik I love how well thought-out and organized your feedback is.


I feel like the task title text is too small on the cards. I’ve made it larger and bolder - and so far I prefer it this way. I’m using a CSS extension to do this on my machine. Does anybody else agree this is nicer, or just me?