Improvements on new Quick Search along with the multi-filter feature

The new quick search function should also get results from fields, right now it only gets results from Task Names. Will it be possible to also have it quick search custom fields and the likes.

How can a text search match a like? :thinking:

Hello @Jaro_Necesito,

I’d love to understand better what you’re looking for here, and the underlying use case. Happy to forward these to our team once you get a chance to elaborate :slight_smile:

I wanted to be able to quick search the text I have in my custom field ‘Clients’ which is “Bryan Hornung”

However, if i search the text ‘Bryan Hornung’ it doesn’t return results as it only filters texts from Task name
Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 9.18.42 AM

Also, by “The likes” I’m pertaining to the rest of the columns (eg. QA Assignee, Order availability, etc.)

I also noticed that the quick search field is a bit laggy when typing.

Workarounds include

  • Use the browser’s Ctrl/Cmd + F for in page search of any text; not elegant but effective (I use this regularly)
  • Asana2Go’s (disclaimer: I’m the creator) filter-as-you-type feature which searches all fields values: