Improvement for Date Ranges

Hey there!

I wanted to suggest/request an improvement for date ranges.

The start range should show if the task is DUE on that day vs having a date showing in my tasks list.

I find tasks are slipping through the cracks when you have your tasks set to filter by due date and something that you should be working on that week is not showing up at the top of the list because it gets sorted by the final due date.

For example if I had due date for OCT 1 - OCT 10 I would right now see that the task starts
Today-OCT 10th but it wouldn’t be at the bottom of my list

If I were to go to my tasks on OCT 2nd the task would show the date range of OCT 1-OCT 10 not alerting met at all that this is due in a week and I should be working on it. So maybe it should ALWAYS show Today-final date until the task is completed and should always sort from the start date vs last date of the date range this way it is always at the top of your list.

There needs to be a better way to use date ranges and to make it more apparent these tasks are due that week because if you have a lot of tasks like me then those tasks get LOST at the bottom of your list and something you should have been working on for a week then needs to be rushed since you didn’t realize the task due date started.

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