Improved Reporting

Why is there no ability to run a simple status report for all projects in a team or portfolio?
What is needed is a simple report that can be exported to excel or similar - basically all the fields in a portfolio but that can be sent to a non asana user / to be included in a monthly department meeting.
Plenty of reports available for tasks, but not an overal project / team summary report.

@Dave_Thomas Some Asana integrations specialize in this kind of reporting, like Velocity, which lets you create very customizable reports that summarize projects and tasks.

You can also find more Asana reporting integrations in the Reporting category of the Asana App Directory.

(Disclosure: I’m a founder of Velocity.)

@Dave_Thomas, Were you aware of the built-in Portfolios > Google Sheets feature documented here:

Also, I’ve created a very flexible solution that’s kind of like Portfolios but with Timeline and not requiring Business Tier; PM me if interested:

OKR Tracking in Asana Use Cases

I spent time a few months ago designing a quite powerful and very flexible solution for my clients to handle either OKRs or Goals/KPIs (and initiatives generally), that is quick to implement and maintain weekly or monthly, and works company-wide with roll-ups at the company- and department-levels. An optional third tier, sub-department-level, is optionally available too. Unlike Portfolios which requires the Business tier, this solution only requires Premium, and it even offers a key feature–int…




Cheers, thats exactly it! Thanks

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Hi Tom,
Thanks, yes saw Velocity and like the look of it, it is just a shame that a project management tool doesnt include this as standard.

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Sign of the times. Lots of apps try to stimulate their own marketplaces by reducing the common sense features to allow 3rd parties in. Frankly I think it’s lame but what are you going to do.

The fact that we can’t run the same search/report as we get in email every Friday is maddening.

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Exactly! I am taking the data out as Larry mentioned into Excel and then running pivots off that to give me something I can share. But why cant I just have the friday report available!