Improve inbox: Create sections by type of notifications ( i.e. Project X messages, Tasks assigned to you, etc.)


Hi Asana,

Please improve the inbox section. It is horrible to have to scroll down dozens of messages to find comments on a specific project, let alone finding which ones are new and which ones are old. On top of that, there’s no search for the inbox section only, so every time I make a search, all this task results come up, but I’m looking for comments not tasks.

Here some ideas I think might make this easier:

Categorize the inbox:

  1. What about creating a section for projects and then within that each project shows how many notifications it has?

  2. Also a section for “tasks assigned to me”. I cannot explain how much I would love a section like this. I have missed so many tasks assigned to me because they don’t appear on my board (i.e. a project board I created for myself because I don’t like to see the tasks in a list and I like to move from ‘to do’ to ‘in progress’ like on a scrum board). I also don’t like that even if I go to my tasks, these assigned tasks look like if they were tasks I created for myself so I don’t notice they’re new/assigned. Can they have a colour or something?

Identifying new messages:

  1. The little orange dot tells me there is new messages but how many? I have to scroll down and check everything until I remember what was the last thing I read. Don’t like that at all. Why there isn’t something to mark messages as read, or just change the colour of the messages when they’re new and unread, that’ll make things easier.

  2. I think email clients have a very good way of helping people organize and identify one’s messages. I think you can get some ideas from there too. When one is managing too many projects, your current inbox doesn’t help. That’s the only reason why I still send emails and haven’t completely move my whole messaging to Asana.

I know there are many threads about this topic but just wanted to make sure Asana reads this.

Hope we get a solution soon.