Improve drag-n-drop subtask creation


I’m taking tasks and making them subs of another, and I see two things that can be improved.

First, it would be great if I could select multiple tasks and drag them all into the other task. Currently, I have to have the future parent task selected, which means I can’t select multiple others. That means I have to drag and drop each task by itself. Instead, what if I could select multiple tasks, drag them over the future parent task for a 1-2 second hover, and then have it expand that task so that I can drop it? Similar to how Finder works on my mac.

Second, the area in the parent task description window where I have to drag the task to is too narrow. It’s hard to do. I propose that you change it to work like attachments: the entire window becomes a valid place to drop the task. You simply drop the task, and it goes to the bottom of the subtask list. You can then reorder the subtasks if you need to.



Amen to that


It seems also impossible to drag and drop a task to attach it as a subtask to another task in table view project? Any way to do that?


Yes, dragging the subtask in the main list, select the new target task and drag-and-drop the subtask in it. I know, very annoying :sweat_smile:


Yes, this is a must have for sure. When in kanban, the task should not open as a popup. Instead, it should open as a side pane so that you can drag others tasks (from kanban) to the opened task