Improve Comment View in Tasks

Can we work on improving the usability and navigation of individual tasks? Below are a couple of points of improvement that I’ve noticed:

1. Comment threads are very cumbersome to navigate. When we have a task that has a lot of back and forth communication (e.g: bug reports and feature requests), it gets crowded very quickly. A task like that might have 4-5 people commenting/providing feedback, and by default, you can only see a handful of the most recent comments. When you click to view more, it then exposes all of the comments - and you have to navigate through potentially hundreds of comments/attachments/etc to find what you’re looking for.

:+1: A potential solution would be to either load previous comments in segments, or to use something similar to what you have on the forum (see attachment below)

2. Attachments to comments Right now it’s not very easy or intuitive to attach something to a specific comment. I wish that when you type out a comment and then click on add an attachment, it attached it to that comment by default. This would also help designers/developers explain things to each other more clearly as you can then attach the image/document within a comment thread similarly to what I just did with the screenshot above.

Welcome to the Forum @Ryan_Zanardi :wave:t5: and thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback with us!

This is definitely something we can consider for future updates and improvements of our Forum :slight_smile: Please note I’ve slightly edited the title to better reflect your feedback and make it more discoverable. I hope it’s OK.

Have a great Thursday Ryan!

Hey @Natalia - I think you misunderstood what I was referencing. I was referring to the task view in Asana, not the forum. The attachment/example I included from the forum was merely an example of how it could be made easier to navigate longer comment threads within the task view of the app.

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Sincere apologies for misunderstanding you feedback @Ryan_Zanardi. I totally get it now!
I was able to find some existing threads in the forum regarding these topics:

I would suggest you to cast your vote and comment on each one. I’m closing this thread to avoid confusion and duplications. I hope you don’t mind!

Thank you! Have a great weekend!