Importing Tasks, Milestones and Sections from CSV?

TL:DR - How do you add sections and milestones using a CSV to import tasks into an extant project?

We’re trying to implement a google forms > asana workflow.

One obstacle we are coming up against is Zapier’s inability to create a new project from a template using the Asana API.

So we are exploring the idea of using the google form + zapier to not only generate a new project but to generate a CSV with the “template” task, sections and milestones which we can then import into the new project - ensuring consistency of project formats.

The issue I am having is that, in Asana, tasks imported from CSV cannot be designated as “sections” or “milestones”. Every line comes out as a simple task.

Previously, adding “:” to the end of the task name would import it as a section, but since sections became distinct task list objects, this no longer appears to work.

Any clues on how we might best move forward?

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OK, just tested this - I can still create sections by appending “:” to the task name, but there’s nothing in the CSV where I can indicate this is a milestone.

I think this is going to work for a while. You should follow Sections are dead! Long live sections!

I think this is not yet available. My feeling was that the CSV export was not evolving much these days. @James_Carl any input for us?

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Anyone know if there’s a workaround for this yet? I would like to be able to import milestones.

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@James_Carl do you plan on implementing it with Sendana Add?

Sendana Add uses an existing project and can create new projects or add tasks and sections to an existing project. Not sure how it treats milestones.


I have the same question here. Really hoping to be able to upload milestones through CSV importer. Any help would be great.

Does adding a Column names “Type” do it?

Type can either be “Milestone” or “Task”

Looks like @Sam123 has the correct answer for milestones, mostly - according to the new CSV Importer documentation, a column named “Type” with a value of “Milestone” will create a milestone. There’s no need to put “Task” as a value, though - it looks like if that column is blank it will create a task.

See Tip #7 in the CSV Importer documentation.

For creating sections, put a column called “Section/Column” which contains the name of the desired section. See Tip #8 in the CSV Importer documentation (link is above).

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