Importing apostrophes into task descriptions

Hi all!

I’ve noticed that when I import a csv that contains apostrophes in a field mapping to the description field in Asana, they get picked up as errors and show up as “’” instead. So far I’ve tried these things to see if it fixes it:

  • Editing the cell’s format in an excel to be text instead of general before exporting as a csv and then importing into Asana
  • Creating the csv as an export from Google sheets first instead of from Excel
  • Importing as a plain csv vs. csv utf-8
  • Changing the Asana character encoding option between utf-8 and Windows

Any other suggestions? Or have any folks that have run into this as well?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Taylor_Cohen, let me check with our team if we have a workaround for this. With the holidays they could be a little longer to get back to me, but I’ll be in touch as soon as I’ve an update!

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Also, I just noticed that my description of what happens didn’t show up in my post, I guess because it’s a coding thing. This is what happens without the spaces - & # x 2 7 ;

Hi @Marie, just checking in on the progress of this. Completely understand the holidays causing delays, just let me know there’s a relative timeline I can expect for this. Thanks so much for your help!

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Thanks for your patience @Taylor_Cohen, I’ve pinged the bug I filed on your behalf and requested an update from our team. I’ll be in touch as soon as they get back to me!

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Hi @Marie, just checking. Any updates on this? Sorry to keep pinging this, we’re just pausing a big import related to this issue until we figure it out. However, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to address it in the next couple weeks, we can figure something else out in the interim.

Thank you again for all your help!

Hi @Taylor_Cohen, for clarification, are you saying your apostrophe’s are not getting imported or are being transformed to a different character after import?

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Hi @TonyC the apostrophes are being imported as those different characters after import

@TonyC sorry it may have been clear but upon reading my response back it also might not have been - the apostrophes are in fact being transformed after import, to use your wording