Importing a spreadsheet with multiple columns to Asana with Custom Fields


Hi Community,

I want to upload a large spreadsheet-CRM list with many columns to Asana.


  • Every line in the spreadsheet will be a new task
  • The information in the different columns shall be added as Custom Fields in Asana

Which tools can you recommend?
Has someone already built an integration via Zapier for that?

I know there is for instance this tool, but it has too many negative reviews and has not been updated within a year.

Curious for your answers.


Hey Sebastian! I don’t work with Excel docs usually, but Zapier does have an option to use it as a trigger.

I’ll speak about how I would do it with Google Sheets, which I am infinitely more comfortable with in regards to Zaps:

  • Create a new google sheets worksheet or file
  • copy over the headers and the first row of the excel file
  • Go to Zapier and ‘Make a Zap’ - Google Sheets, ‘new row created’ as the trigger
  • select asana - create new task as the 2nd step, designate the project they’ll go to
  • Assign all the column headers to asana task details as needed
  • complete zap and turn on
  • copy/paste the rest of the data (even if its like 1000 rows, it’s fine) to the google sheet
  • Zapier will register that new rows were added, and if it’s a lot at once (probably) they’ll send an email asking if you’re sure this is right before they run it - obviously you’re sure, so accept
  • zapier will run the zap for each new row you just pasted, and for any new rows you add to the sheet in the future, based on the parameters outlined in the zap

Zapier includes custom fields, etc. as long as the project you’re sending it to has them. I highly recommend you have everything laid out before you try to import them though, since otherwise y ou’ll have to reimport the doc or manually change everything.

Hope this is what you were looking for! Let me know =)