Imported tasks not showing up, email addresses won't merge

I am so frustrated with Asana support. WHY can’t I just chat with or talk to a human directly? I have two email accounts on my asana but they refuse to integrate - I can’t toggle between them when I’m logged in and I can’t figure out how to get it to work. I emailed customer support and got an unhelpful response, I asked for more help and got no response.

Basically, asana seems to think that both email addresses are in the same workspace but they’re not.

Now I’m trying to just copy a project into the (separate) asana, and it won’t import. gah.

I @Nora_Dye,

I just liaised with our support team who confirmed that your accounts were successfully merged. You should now be able to see and switch between your different space following these steps:

If not, could you send me a screenshot of what you see?

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