Important Improvements to Conversation Functionality


We have begun using conversations for high level discussion at the project and team levels.

With respect to teams, my notifications do not identify to which team the conversation applies. That can be very confusing and counterproductive, as I have to then go deep into the links to find out. This is solved in all other notifications for projects and tasks I think.

In addition, I think you should be able to organize or at least sort the conversations so you can view them in a particular order. Right now it’s just chronologically sorted. You also should be able to archive them in case the list becomes long.

Printing should also be possible.


+1 for the sorting functionality. Actually just pinning to the top would be enough for me (I opened a topic for this before: Pinning and Starring Team Conversations)

Printing is possible though. Just click on the conversation and select print in the top right menu, where you can also move the discussion to a different team.


Hi @Barry_E_Haimo

I don’t know if you’ve got a premium account but if so, advanced search gives you more options for viewing conversations.

Also, you can archive a conversation by hovering over the conversation in your inbox and clicking the X on the right-hand side:




Appreciate your response. However, I am specifically talking about conversations at project/team level not inbox notifications which we can obviously archive.


Ah, sorry. I tend to view all of my messages through my inbox, so I hadn’t even looked at conversations in any other sections. I’ve just discovered that now, and you’re right, it’s odd that there isn’t an archive option there.


I want to jump onto this topic as well - what would be EXTREMELY useful for Conversations would be the ability to somehow place them into Categories. In this manner, when looking at Team Conversations, it would become so much clearer if the conversation was about a specific topic or not. This is more like a forum, I understand - but this is something that I believe would be amazing. It would allow people to organize their thoughts and not be afraid that their topic gets drowned out by the chronologically next updated topic. Just some general love overall to Conversations would be welcome.

But categorization - yes, please.


I wish I could add followers to the conversations I create. I’d love something like an open space for dialog, like it’s done on Slack. The Asana’s conversations seems to be missing more flexibility.