Import to update existing tasks

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As it stands this is not possible at the moment. Since I have found an existing feedback request thread I merged your post into that one. Don‘t forget to upvote there.

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Just a quick follow up - this app is free and now live in the Asana App Store. I don’t want to spam the forum here but you can find it in the Operations section if you’re interested in giving it a try. Feel free to reach out to me via DM or through the email link in the app if you run into any issues or have feature requests.

you can use as an in-between API from sheets to Asana to update tasks. You will need the Task ID number and spend some time mapping fields to make this work properly. Zapier has a free option as long as you are not updating over 100 tasks a month.

Coming here to say… PLEASE LET US BULK UPDATE DATA. I had mentioned this in a call with an Asana rep and it was said to be looked into, but upon looking at this 5 year old form I do not have much hope.


the bulk update missing is blocking so many opportunities and it does not even need to be online could be some async process where you have a screen to follow-up the status of the update. If it happens it would be a gamechanger.

We would like to add new custom fields and to periodically update these custom fields with current information. We were hoping the import csv file would do this, but it appears to create new tasks and effectively duplicate the number of related tasks when we follow the instructions here:

This would be helpful since we are have situations where the custom fields represent changing data over time (e.g. inventory quantity, pricing, demand, etc.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re adding new custom fields, you can do that now as the documentation indicates; just put all the values for a single-select in the rows and map it to create a new single-select, then delete the tasks imported and save the custom field in your org-wide library.

Re updating an existing custom field, that’s not possible but there’s a Product Feedback request for allowing these to be dynamically updated, say, from a spreadsheet, but I can’t find that link; maybe someone else can help.

Re importing to update existing tasks, I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.



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Thank you for the information - I upvoted this capability.

Would be great to also have the capability to have data entries per task for these uploaded new custom fields too.

Team - also REALLY struggling to manage big projects that integrate with external data repositories. If this feature is NOT here, or coming - how can we best accomplish data deltas to existing fields, aside from manual updates?

Note: Not a native solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Hi Jonathan - I posted back in July that I was rolling my own CSV task editing solution and I’ve shaken enough of the bugs out with the help of a few early users that I’m finally comfortable posting it here. It’s free and all that. Mostly a labor or love (and frustration).

If you just want to dive in and give it a whirl you can do so at

If you want some more info on how it works, check out

Please let me know if you run into any trouble either by DM here on using the contact info in the app. There are undoubtedly still some bugs I need to take care of.


You’re my hero! THANK YOU! My team was just asking about something like this (we’re pretty new to Asana, but really getting the hang of it), and I’m SO GLAD you built this since it’s not a native feature. You rock!

Legit saved my day! Thank you soooo much!

Great Work! Wish We could pin this!

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I just did, with a disclaimer; see what you think!



Agree, I should be able to download a CSV, make edits, and re-upload it to bulk update tasks. That’s honestly the #1 use for the import/export feature i see. I’ve never had to create a project from a spreadsheet.

That bulkyapp looks like a great solution from @DougB but it’s not working for me due to multiple workspaces i assume based on the documentation. Guess i’ll just be copy/pasting 73 new titles with a single word change manually.

Hi @Michal_Bednarczyk ,

Sorry you’re having issues with Bulky. I’ll be happy to look into it for you. It looks like you may have uninstalled the app already? If you want to reinstall it I can run a test here to see exactly why it’s failing. Just let me know.


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Hey @DougB

Looks like your app can do most of what I am attempting to do.

I have built a single workspace with one project. The original project was something that was built in Excel previously and had started copy/pasting the tasks and sub tasks accordingly. Jumping into this thread, it appears that most of this work can be minimised through your app, although I am receiving a " Server Error (500)" error upon attempting to implement it.

Would love to get some feedback on how to remedy that.

Hi @Rob_Sanders1 - I did a dry run of your file here and I see some simple issues with a referenced project not existing and maybe an extra comma on a bunch of lines, but nothing that should have produced 500 errors. Can you shoot me an email at so I can share the specifics with you? Thanks.

Hey folks - looks like Asana changed something recently and as a result the Bulky importer app is now getting Unauthorized errors when trying to update tasks. Sorry about that. I’m trying to figure out what’s happening here and get it fixed asap.

A question for any API experts lurking here: did something change in the permissions model recently? I can still do GETs against the batch endpoint successfully but anytime I try to PUT or POST now I’m getting 401s. I can confirm that I’m using the same client with the same access_token and even mixing GETs with PUTs and POSTs in the same batch will produce 200s for the GETs and 401s for the PUTs and POSTs.

I haven’t made any changes to Bulky’s code in months so I’m inclined to believe something has changed on Asana’s side.

@DougB Earlier today we’ve identified an issue that I believe is impacting your app. Please see Ongoing OAuth app degradation when making batch requests. We apologize for the trouble this has caused for you and your users.