Import to update existing tasks

When I have a drop down custom field, and I add options, those are case sensitive and it won’t let me add both “option” and “Option”. But when I import such a data, it creates new field and adds both options.

Hi @Tetiana_Kushla, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to import a CSv file to update existing fields and tasks. We have a thread requesting this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Import to update existing tasks to centralize feedback!

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I was not talking about existing fields, I was talking about new fields. There is an issue with validation. Asana allows to import the data which, if added manually, is being validated as incorrect. So import imports invalid data.

Hello! Another vote and comment for this task. This would be incredibly useful for my team!


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Voted too! Was just looking for this feature :slight_smile:

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Voted here also! Would be great to have the ability to add Subtasks into existing tasks from a CSV file following a certain format or a specificly named column header!

I was researching how to do this hoping we could do it. Our organization recently adopted Asana, and we already have two cases where this would be a huge time saver. Voting two thumbs up that this is something you put on your roadmap.


I recently found a pretty good workaround for this.

I was working on a project with ExistingTaskA, ExistingTaskB, etc. (70+ of them…)

I created a CSV to import those tasks:

  • NewTaskA
    • Subtask A1, Subtask of: NewTaskA
    • Subtask A2, Subtask of: NewTaskA
  • NewTaskB
    • Subtask B1, Subtask of: NewTaskB
    • Subtask B2, Subtask of: NewTaskB

I imported all that.

Then, in Asana I opened NewTaskX and marked it as a duplicate of ExistingTaskX. This closed NewTaskX and imported all its subtasks under… ExistingTaskX.

I was happy with this one. Hopefully it can help you and others.

Thanks to Mickael @ Asana for his help throughout too.

Hello Bruno

Can you tell me please how you marked the NewTaskX as a duplicate of the ExistingTaskX ?


Advanced Actions > Merge duplicate tasks

Seems this only adds new tasks/subtasks to existing projects/tasks and doesn’t add to existing tasks/subtasks

I have 4395 tasks to update in a project… This feature is desparately needed. I should be able to download a CSV and update it in a spreadsheet and then import that csv which should match up wiht the taskID#.



There seems to be a high need since 07/2018 - could you please provide the possibity for bulk updating tasks? Thanks in advance.


I came to this thread hoping to find a solution, and was disheartened to see that there’s been no progress since the original post fully 3 years ago. Being able to export, update, and reimport data - using the unique task ID numbers to link and overwrite tasks - seems like pretty essential functionality and I’m very surprised that it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Please, please work on this. It would make managing large, constantly changing projects so much easier. The fact that we don’t have this functionality might mean my team doesn’t adopt Asana for project management after all. I’ll continue to use it for personal projects, but I was really hoping to shift all team projects over. If we can’t easily bulk edit, that might not be possible. I know the list view allows for bulk editing of some fields, but it’s not customizable enough for our purposes.


Reviving this again.

I’m working with a team that has hundreds of tasks they want to import from an internal tool to Asana for the reporting alone…but if there is no way to import a CSV without overwriting custom fields AND duplicating tasks they’re not going to be able to do this in a way that saves them any time.

Is there any chance of updating this?


Asana? Please!

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Please please please… get this working… We need this import export option for large projects.


We have large projects with hundreds of tasks which each have multiple subtasks and we need to be able to change the subtasks and even set dependencies on mass which would be very easy if we could edit existing tasks.
An update on this feature would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello! I know it may not be the perfect solution, but it works.

You need to have:

  • List item Project in Asana as “template” with the correspondent sections created.

  • List item CSV Project template.


  1. Add to your project in Asana a Dropdown custom field with the section names.
  2. Create the following rule for each section:

Triggers: for each new task in the project + With correspondent custom field
Action: Move to the correspondent section

  1. Import the CSV Project template changing the section/column to custom field type (and match with the one we created before).

We can work around and keep our rules with these extra.

Hope it helps!

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@Jesus_Ortigosa Interesting idea. . but tough to test. Can you help with screenshots because I am a bit confused on how this works project to project with rules?
I’ve lost potential business because of the lack of this feature. . .

@David_Oliver Sure. Let me show you how I do.

Step 1 (Picture 1 and 4)

I prepare a project with the correspondent sections and a custom field which I call “Project section” with a dropdown corresponding also to the sections.

Step 2 (Picture 2)

Add to the project 1-rule per section as the picture shows.

When a task is added with a project section (custom field) equal to “X”, then move to the correspondent section.

Step 3 (Picture 3)

When importing your template, instead of importing the sections as “sections”, do it as the custom field “Project section” you prepared before.

Hope it is clear!

Let me know if it was helpful.

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